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PAINTING, NATURE & SILK… the building blocks of our label! eve in paradise has its origins in a love of painting and nature. Yutang Wu grew up in a very rural region of China, where nature has always played an important role. As a little boy, he was fascinated by the process of silk production. Driven by his hobby, painting, he started painting silk scarves by hand as a young man. Success came very quickly, because with their colours and unusual motifs, the scarves had an unmistakable unique selling point.


This affinity for silk and nature led Yutang Wu to found the senas label in 1992. The name senas, a German acronym for silks and natural fabrics, is still the primary wellspring of our work and the brand essence, and as the first label, senas remains a hallmark of high-quality scarves and shawls to this day.


Shortly afterwards, the Senatex team in Hanover developed the first women’s wear collection under the same name. With a relaunch of the focus of our design and collections in the spring/summer season 2012, eve in paradise was born. Today more than ever, the brand stands for an unbelievable soft sensation with a sense of feeling good. eve in paradise is designed and developed by a small team in the heart of Hanover with a great deal of passion and love for detail, using high-quality and luxurious materials. So we are the ideal partner for upmarket specialists and retail stores.


5. March 2020


Women fashion

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