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I made your clothes

Check out our partners

Transparency and awareness in our production cycle are really important to us. That is why wie support the initiative „I made your clothes“.


Our knitwear producer | I made your clothes


We are proud of our longlasting and good relationship with our producer in China. The production facility with approx 50 employees is located near the metropolis of Shanghai.


Our silk specialist | I made your clothes


Our partner facility for tailoring with approx 60 employees is located near the metropolis of Shanghai.


Our tailoring partner | I made your clothes


Our modern tailoring fashion is manufactured in Turkey, Istanbul. The company is part of the fashion world since 1970 and ISO 10002:2018 certified.


Our viscose specialist | I made your clothes


Our second production place is also based in Turkey and specialist on tailoring too. The company with approx 65 employees is part of the fashion industry since 1996.