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The labels eve in paradise and senas are bywords for premium natural materials and trendy designs.


eve in paradise collections are a harmonic symbiosis of sustainability, which is in-tune with nature, and the highest design standards. The fashionable designs stand apart with their casual, feminine style which is also elegant and natural. Soft flowing fabrics and clean lines combined with subtle colours and beautifully coordinated accessories underscore the label’s unmistakeable look.

See it, feel it, love it!

eve in paradise represents exceptional innovation combined with innovative and premium natural materials. Fine yak, alpaca and merino wool are stunning in winter – with cashmere offering maximum exclusivity. In summer, the impressive collections feature exclusive materials such as silk, linen and handpicked cotton.

Finest Natural Fibre

The label senas has its origins in the words silk and natural materials, with its name representing the core of its brand philosophy right from the outset. With premium scarves and shawls made from natural materials combined with innovative, unique designs, the brand follows the aim it has always set itself. All the scarves feature stunning artistic and unique printed patterns, with a lot of loving attention paid to the details – something far removed from mass production. Each scarf tells its own story and takes you on a journey into an imaginative world. Together with the ever-popular range of classic scarves, the collection forms a harmonious whole with a coordinated overall look.


For over a decade, both brands have proven that sustainability and trendy design can go hand-in-hand with each other.

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