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New Collection Spring – Summer 2015

New Collection Spring – Summer 2015

In Summer 2015 the fashion label eve in paradise is going for a natural Bohemian look and loose-fitting styles. The varied textile combinations of natural materials such as silk, linen and cotton make the clothes to indispensable companions for every occasion. The play with a variety of opposites thereby produces unprecedented excitement.

The designs reflect themes that can be regarded as the essence of a perfect summer. Whether “Wanderlust”, “Cruise Days”, “Summer in the City”, “Summer Morning” or “My best friend’s wedding” – eve in paradise has the perfect outfit for every occasion.

Fashion theme number one in the coming Summer season are stripes, which are found in the entire collection – from textile patterns through to knitted styles. Almost classical in maritime style or transformed in non-linear variations, the popular forms are reinterpreted again and again.

The deliberate play with transparencies emphasises the summery look and feel of the designs. Organza imparts lightness and sophistication. Informal volumes and feminine cutting techniques capture the summery lightness and present a harmonious composition of relaxed and elegant outfits.

Jeans elements loosen up the overall look and in the mix with other materials, these ensure for surprising effects at jackets, trousers and skirts. Innovative varieties with jeans look can also be found in knitwear.

The Fashion Summer 2015 at eve in paradise will be reinterpreted through versatile material combinations. Innovative structures, such as the collage-looking jacquard patterns and structural stripes are surprising continuations of a modern purism.

Intensive colorits such as luminous rhododendron and radiant corals, which are found especially in the theme worlds of “Wanderlust” and “Summer in the City”, provide colourful accents. Depth and maritime flair convey the various nuances of blue, such as Cloud Blue, Dark Navy and of course the numerous jeans variations, with which the themes of “Cruise Days” and “Summer Morning” are perfectly matched in colour.

Noncolours such as cool white and deep black form the basis for a relaxed look suitable for a cocktail evening with friends. These styles are given a summery modern twist with eye-catching fuchsia.
Some colours in the cotton-linen-knitwear range appear rather reserved. Here dominate subtly crafted details which underscore the valence of the collection.

The coming season at eve in paradise is distinguished by the versatility of the materials used. New are cotton-linen-knitwear combinations as well as a mix of silk, cotton and ramie with linen yarn. Stripes, prints and the surface structures give known basics a modern update.

Expressive patterns have first be drawn by hand and then implemented in knitwear. The double-layered cotton is given particular prestige through modern forms. Unusual forms and diagonals are to be found here, which create an innovative excitement between functional outerwear and a very feminine style.

Exclusive Italian materials are given high class refinement through perfect cutting techniques and confer a couture-like look and feel on individual parts of the collection. Here too, the main focus is on the play with structures, materials and colours. Silk/cotton creations surprise through the use of metal threads and present themselves as the perfect mix of materials, which gives dresses, skirts and jackets a particular form stability. Despite this, all designs remain summery airy and light.

Bamboo jersey combined with silk and cotton also provides an easygoing and comfortable look, that distinguishes the high level of wearability of the eve in paradise collection. Special washing processes ensure for extraordinary effects and give them thereby provide a casual and modern appearance. Organza has been interpreted in a trendy way for a summery look. Due to its lightness, linen-jersey imparts a pleasurable feeling on the skin, even in high temperatures.

The Spring/Summer 2015 collection from eve in paradise is complemented with a selected range of belts, the use of which permits individual play with diverse volumes.